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Scleral Contact Lenses

Scleral lenses are similar to gas permeable lenses although they are quite larger. These lenses, designed specifically for keratoconus, stretch to the white part of the eye – known as the scleral. With scleral lenses, the entire cornea is covered. Like gas permeable lenses, they are stable and dramatically improve the vision of a keratoconic and post surgical eyes

These scleral contact lenses will be great for those patients unable to wear soft contact lenses.

Dr. Burns is certified to fit both Blanchard MSD and Alden Zenlens  Scleral Lenses.

For more information http://www.sclerallens.org/for-patients

Exclusive Offer

Patients Can Receive a Free Lipiscan (Dry Eye Evaluation)!

THIS ---->https://eyedesigneyecarecom.imatrixbase.com/eyecare-services/scleral-contacts-for-keratoconus.html

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